Holidays and active holidays in Bulgaria


Public holidays in Bulgaria are: New Year (1-2 January), Bulgaria's Liberation Day (from Turkish captivity) w 1878 r. (3 brand), Easter Monday (turn of March and April), Labour Day (1 May), Cyrillic Festival – day of Bulgarian culture and education, Slavic Literature and Bulgarian Press Day – (24 May) and Christmas (25-26 of December). Bulgarian Orthodox Easter does not coincide with Easter celebrated by Catholics.

During the Folk Festival in Koprivsztica, organized every five years (closest in 2000 r.) about 4000 finalists run for awards in many different categories. In Pernik during the annual, National Surowakane Festival organized in the second half of January, thousands of participants dressed in traditional masks and costumes recreate old dances to drive away evil spirits and to ask good spirits for prosperity and bountiful harvests. Kukerske Games is a festival celebrated in the carnival; they are most vigorously celebrated in the Rhodope region.

Folklore festivals are organized in Złoty Sands every year in the second half of July, in which Bulgarian contractors participate, and artists from Bulgaria and abroad participate in the August festival in Burgas and Sunny Beach. The Feast of Roses is celebrated on the first Sunday of June in Kazanłyk and Karłów.

The March Music Days are held in Ruse every year, followed by the Sofia Music Weeks festival in Sofia – it is the International Festival of Contemporary Music (commencement 24 May). In the first week of June, the Golden Orpheus Festival of Popular Songs takes place in Sunny Beach. Also in June, the International Ballroom Dance Competition is held in Burgas. In July, the Summer Festival is organized in Varna, and the Chamber Music Festival in Plovdiv. There is a Film Festival in Sofia in November. Every year, the Palace of Culture in Sofia hosts the New Year's Music Festival.



In Bulgaria, the ski season runs from December to April. Vitosha Mountain (2290 m) on the southern outskirts of Sofia, it is the most popular destination for skiers. In March, international competitions in slalom and giant slalom are held there. The largest ski resort is Borovets, 70 km south of Sofia. The highest slopes of Bulgaria await those willing. Ski runs with a total length 40 km are intended for experienced skiers, international competitions are also organized here. Skiers with purchased packages are often directed to Pamporov, 84 km south of Plovdiv, where is located approx 17 km of ski slopes of all categories, served by several lifts. Extract No. 1 (length 3800 m) on Snezhanka is intended for beginners. There are also competitions in downhill slopes and in slalom in Pamporovo. Bansko in the Pirin Mountains is the least commercialized skiing center in Bulgaria.

Mountain hiking

Climbing is not that exhausting and you don't have to be a climber, to climb the top of Musała (2925 m) in the Rila massif, the highest mountain between the Alps and the Caucasus. Jerks (2914 m) in Pirina you can get it, coming up from Bansk. The highest peak of Stara Planina is Botew (2376 m), which you enter from Trojan or Aprilci. On these, who prefer less strenuous trails, are waiting Koprivsztic, Madara, Rila and Veliko Tarnovo.