Why Sunny Beach?

Sunny Beach (bulgarian. Słynczew Briag, ang. Sunny Beach), which is the largest and most popular resort in Bulgaria, stretches along the Black Sea coast, near the road connecting two large Bulgarian cities: Varna (on the north) and Burgas (on the south), a few kilometers north of the city of Nessebar.

During the holiday season, Sunny Beach becomes a place of residence for thousands of sun-hungry tourists, beach and mild Mediterranean climate.

A short history of Sunny Beach.
Construction of the resort began in 1958 years in place, where two old wells were located that supplied water to the nearby town of Nessebar in the Middle Ages.

Sunny Beach was built north of Nessebar (in practice you can say, that it is connected with it) and south of the resort town of Sveti Vlas.

The resort has quickly become the largest and most popular resort in Bulgaria and one of the most popular on the Balkan Peninsula, and is still dynamically developing.

Sunny Beach - conditions.
The Mediterranean climate prevailing on the Black Sea makes, that Sunny Beach is currently the favorite place of Russian holidays abroad, Germans, Brits or Scandinavians. Recently, more and more Czechs are starting to go on holiday to Sunny Beach, Poles and Slovaks.

Sunny Beach is not only due to the favorable sunny climate, but also lower prices than in resorts on the Mediterranean Sea.

To the south of the resort, there is the Stara Planina mountain range. The refreshing mix of sea and mountain air is especially beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

Sunny Beach is 8 kilometers wide beach, 30-60 meters wide, with golden sand and clean, calm sea. In the season (June September) water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees.

Sunny Beach is one of the few places on the Black Sea, where you can still admire natural dunes with rare plant species.

The resort is famous not only for the best beach in the area, but also perfect conditions for practicing such water sports as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing or parasailing.

Sunny Beach, with dozens of restaurants, pubs and clubs also offer many attractions for lovers of nightlife and good cuisine. See also other attractions of Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach - communication.
From Sunny Beach it is easy to reach any major city in Bulgaria. The resort is approx 25 km from Bourgas airport (35 km from the city) and approx 100 km from Varna and its airport.

From Sunny Beach there are regular buses to Varna and Burgas. The nearby Nessebar is also very easy to reach, whose monuments have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lots of activities for kids.
You are planning a family vacation? Sunny Beach offers plenty of attractions for the youngest. The resort also has clubs for children and 24-hour kindergartens, in which your children will be looked after by professional nannies. You can also:
– take the children to one of the three aquaparks operating in the resort,
– hire an instructor, who will teach them a new sport,
– take them for a pony ride,
– take them on go-karts,
– or simply go to the beach and enjoy the sun while your children build sandcastles or bathe in the clean and shallow Black Sea waters.
And these are just a few of the many attractions waiting for your children in Sunny Beach!

Lower prices.
One of the main reasons for the popularity of Sunny Beach among foreign tourists are lower prices than in similar resorts in Spain or Italy. Enjoy the charms of the Mediterranean climate and Bulgarian hospitality, paying much less than for holidays on the Iberian Peninsula or the Apennine Peninsula.