Primorsko – Leży u stóp góry Strandża, near the mouth of the Djawołska river, fishermen's paradise. The beaches are adjacent to a dense oak forest. To the south of Primorsk there are campsites. There are also beautiful beaches in Miczurin, tea bushes grow here, olives, citrus and eucalyptus trees. This is where the road to Mother Tarnovo goes, and there is a prehistoric tomb – dolmen. 16 kilometers from Miczurin is the village of Poszgari, inhabited by Nestinars. These people are the descendants of the worshipers of St.. Konstantyna, religious sect. The remainder of their rituals is dancing with bare feet on hot charcoal, in time to the sounds of a gamekeeper, co zwykle odbywało się po zachodzie słońca w określone dni roku. It was believed, that this dance would ensure the prosperity and happiness of the villagers. You can see such shows, organized for tourists.

Ahtopol is situated on a promontory. The city was founded by the Greeks, calling them Agathopolis, then they were captured by the Byzantines, and then the Turks. The ruins of the stronghold remained.

Pomorie – This sea resort with mud and saline balnearies lies on the length of 5 km wide rocky headland 4 km. Lake Pomorijsko is visible in the north. The city was founded by the inhabitants of nearby Apollonia, they are called Anchialos (with salt), for salt was drawn from this place from ancient times. There were constant battles for this city and its salt: Xerxes was here, Philip II of Macedon, Romans, barbarians burst in. Pomorie has an old monument – unique Roman tomb from the 2nd century, hidden in a barrow. Gold jewelry was found in it. In the church of Christ (1764 r.) beautiful icons are worth a look. Ok. 20 km south of Pomoria there is the Atmanli forest reserve – jackals live here.