W XVII w. fishermen from Pomoria and Sozopol, on a narrow spit between the Atanasowsko lakes, Burgas and Madrensko and Burgas Bay (Burgundy Bay of the Black Sea) they founded a settlement. The Roman emperor Vespasian built the fortress Deultum here, which in the fourteenth century. The Byzantines called Pirgos (from the group. tower), from which the city takes its name, converted to Burgas. After building in 1890 r. rail route from Plovdiv, the city began to develop rapidly; w 1903 r. a port was built in Burgas.

Smaller than Varna and not so crowded, the city of Burgas offers visitors much less attractions. The northern part of the city is built up with rows of concrete blocks, a little further to the west are the buildings of a large oil refinery. However, the old town near the port is quite nice. Burgas, however, can be a convenient base for trips to other cities along the coast. There are good places to stay here, shops, restaurants and a nice beach. Dark sand beach, supersaturated with iron and manganese oxides, has healing properties.


Railway station, bus terminal and marinas are close to the old town. Luggage room (6.00- 22.30) located next to the bus station, right at the exit of the train station. From here to the north, to the monument to the Soviet soldiers on the Trojkata square, runs the promenade, Aleksandrowska street. The beach stretches along the eastern side of the old town.


Balkantourist office (open daily: 8.00-20.00) is located in the middle of ul. Aleksandrowska. Orbita Student Travel (tel.42380) has an office at Filipa Kutewa 2a. The tourist information office is located on the corner of ul. Lermontov and Aleko Bogoridi boulevard.

Money – The Balkantourist offers a good exchange rate, but it gets 2,5% commission when cashing travelers' checks.

There are many private currency exchange offices in the area of ​​the main pedestrian street. At Bulbank on Aleksandrowska, in front of the Hotel Pełgańa, there is also an ATM that accepts MC and Visa Electron cards. Traveller's checks can be cashed at the bank mentioned above.

Post and telecommunications – The telecommunications center located in the main post office building on Osvobożdene is open daily from. 7.00-22.00.

Travel agencies – Advance sale of bus and train tickets is carried out by Rila ticket offices, on Aleksandrowska 106 (on working days 7.00-19.00, under. 8.00-14.00). Going by bus to Varna, you must report to Rita ticket offices well in advance,- usually already 24 at. Tickets are sold out before the bus departs.

Balkantourist offers an overnight bus service to Istanbul (10 at, 20 $) and two morning buses to Sofia (392 km, 8000 lions).


Burgas is primarily a commercial port and beach resort. Worth seeing are the Art Gallery in the former synagogue at ul. Steryu Wodenikarov 22, presenting a collection of icons and contemporary Bulgarian painting and the Archaeological Museum at Aleko Bogoridi Street 21. (Both facilities are closed on holidays.) There is a dolmen in the courtyard of the museum, tomb from the 8th century. p.n.e.; it is made of boulders and covered with a huge block of rock.

Altitude Park, on the eastern side of Burgas (along Bogoridi street to the east), a good place for an afternoon walk. There is a large open-air theater and monuments dedicated to the heroes of the struggle for national liberation. Among them is a stone with the bust of Adam Mickiewicz. On the island, which after World War II was given the name Bolshevik (w 1925 r. a group of Bulgarian revolutionists fled to the USSR), in the old church – now ruins – The Turks imprisoned the rebellious Bulgarians.


Private accommodation Balkantourist (tel.47 2727) solid private rooms too 5 $ from person.

Feb Tours, Bogoridi 28, has rooms behind 6 $ from person.

Hotele – The best private hotel is Mirage (there is no phone), on Lermontov 48. It's a quiet street, the hotel is fairly new and safe. the price is 15 $ from person, Paid in Advance.

Opposite the Kosmos hotel, north of the center, you can find some good private hotels. Hotel Biela Roza (tel.36686), Batak 42a, offers single and double rooms with bathrooms too 30 $ and an apartment for four people too 45 $. Hotel Glarus (tel.38177), Kałofer 1, charges a fee 20 $ for one room- or double, a 35 $ for a four-person apartment.


Komur Izgara's small Turkish restaurant, bulwar Aleko Bogoridi 14, has very efficient service. Delicious doner kebab and other traditional Turkish dishes are served here.

Relatively new and popular is Mechana Hajduszek (tel.843729), bulwar Aleko Bogoridi 49. The interior design is made of tasteful rugs and wall coverings. The restaurant has quite an extensive menu, which includes only traditional Bulgarian dishes. The staff speaks German. Fast food lovers can check out McDonald's.

The northern end of Aleko Bogoridi Boulevard is dotted with small bars and cafes. You can also go to the beach promenade, to look at the sea over a beer or a coffee.


Unfortunately, the modern building of the Opera at Christa Botewa, in the middle of the city, it is going through hard times now and part of the hall at the main entrance has been rented out as a car showroom! Anyway, there are some concerts here; it is best to check the program on the spot.

On Antima I 26, just around the corner from the gallery, an open-air cinema operates, in summer, movies have been shown since 21.00.

In summer, Hundreds of tables appear under the trees of the Seaside Park, belonging to the seasonal bars and cafes. The place looks like, as if half of the city's inhabitants had lunged here. Late in the evening, some tents have discos.


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines offers two daily flights from Sofia to Burgas -(about 129 $ one way). The Balkan office is located in the Kosmos hotel. The airport is located 8 km north of the city; the bus goes there #15, departure from the bus station until noon every half hour, every hour in the afternoon. Going by bus to Sunny Beach, you have to get off in Sarafov, from where it is five minutes to the airport.

Express buses run between Sofia and Burgas nine times a day (470 km through Plovdiv, 450 km through Karłowo). You can buy a couchette or a place in a sleeping car for the night train to Sofia, but reservations should be made well in advance. From Burgas you go by express to Plovdiv 4 hours. To Veliko Tarnovo you need to change in Stara Zagora or Tula.

Buses depart from Burgas to Varna six times a day (3 at). Local buses (e.g.. to Sunny Beach) run quite often, usually until late at night. Every hour (at the full hour, bilety u konduktora) buses depart to Sozopol.